• TWICE Eyes Wide Open Album Review

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    TWICE Eyes Wide Open Album Review
    TWICE Eyes Wide Open Album Review TWICE truly cannot be stopped in their superstar abilities. From catchy bops to amazing dance performances, people are always out to buy TWICE albums for a reason! Their 2020 album, Eyes Wide Open, brings their dazzling energy and musical talents to the forefront. I CAN’T STOP ME “I CAN’T STOP ME” was a top track when it was released. The retro, synth-pop style of the track and the explosive chorus made for an addictive song you want to listen to again and again. Their choreography was also truly standout, making...
  • Say Yes to TWICE: A Review of YES or YES

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    Say Yes to TWICE: A Review of YES or YES If you love TWICE Kpop albums, you’re sure to love their 2018 release YES or YES. It’s packed full of hits that will get you up and dancing! Be prepared for high energy and good vibes from this collection of songs. Below is a brief review of each track. YES or YES This song is so playful and full of bubble-gum pop vocals and instrumental moments. The tagline is, “I’m gonna make this simple for you. Yes or yes?” This line is so relatable for anyone...
  • TWICE Debut

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    TWICE’s Energetic Debut EP: The Story Begins TWICE’s debut EP, The Story Begins, marked the beginning of this incredible girl group’s K-pop success. With a 2015 release, this introductory album showcases this group’s true potential as stars. Here’s a review of each song on this EP!   Like Ooh-Ahh The title track for The Story Begins, “Like Ooh-Aah” has a unique opening involving a flute paired with electronic sounds. With a strong pop element, this track is energetic and has some infectious hooks. The chorus is memorable and overall the song does a great job at...
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