Say Yes to TWICE: A Review of YES or YES

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Say Yes to TWICE: A Review of YES or YES

If you love TWICE Kpop albums, you’re sure to love their 2018 release YES or YES. It’s packed full of hits that will get you up and dancing! Be prepared for high energy and good vibes from this collection of songs. Below is a brief review of each track.

This song is so playful and full of bubble-gum pop vocals and instrumental moments. The tagline is, “I’m gonna make this simple for you. Yes or yes?” This line is so relatable for anyone who has a crush and only wants the answer to loving them to be yes! “YES or YES” has an addictive chorus and fun choreography, making this a standout opening.


This mid-tempo track has a sweetly romantic and upbeat vibe. With plenty of moments for TWICE harmonies to be displayed, you’ll be impressed once again by TWICE’s star power. Seeing this live at a TWICE concert would be quite the experience!


“LALALA” continues the playful nature of the album. The fast rhythm and feel-good instrument add a lighthearted element. Full of moments to bob your head to, “LALALA” is another great track!


Focusing on embracing life and youth, “YOUNG & WILD” provides a track for TWICE to speak to their own experience. The pace is a tad slower than the previous songs, helping to keep the album moving along and not being overly repetitive.


Immediately, this instrumental will feel different from what came previously on the album. It’s heavy on electronic instruments, with bright vocals, and an exciting rhythmic flow.



The album’s ballad is “AFTER MOON” with a sentimental piano as the lead instrument. Tapping into the softer side of TWICE is an asset of the group. They aren’t just about hype songs! They are amazing at gentle vocals and connecting emotionally to their lyrics. This track offers a heartfelt melody and is perfect on YES or YES.


Closing the album, “BDZ” continues the playful vibes of earlier with gang vocals and an upbeat instrumental.


YES or YES shows TWICE’s ability to stay as one of the leading girl groups in Kpop. Make sure to give it a listen for an uplifting experience!




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