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TWICE’s Energetic Debut EP: The Story Begins


TWICE’s debut EP, The Story Begins, marked the beginning of this incredible girl group’s K-pop success. With a 2015 release, this introductory album showcases this group’s true potential as stars. Here’s a review of each song on this EP!


Like Ooh-Ahh
The title track for The Story Begins, “Like Ooh-Aah” has a unique opening involving a flute paired with electronic sounds. With a strong pop element, this track is energetic and has some infectious hooks. The chorus is memorable and overall the song does a great job at showcasing the group’s versatility.


Do It Again
“Do It Again” keeps the upbeat energy. The track has a unique melody that helps the group stand out. With stunning vocal moments and a lively instrumental, this song highlights some of TWICE’s strengths musically and vocally.

Going Crazy
“Going Crazy” explores the intense feelings of love. This track is just as impactful and upbeat as the others, with a strong beat and good production.

“Truth” is the fourth track on TWICE’s debut album, The Story Begins. It feels a bit more mature in sound than the previous tracks. With great harmonies and a sultry vibe, it shows a new side to TWICE.

Candy Boy
In true TWICE fashion, the bops don’t stop. “Candy Boy” is playful, sweet, and infectious. The track is reminiscent of a young romance, with playful lyrics and an energetic feel. “Candy Boy” is an optimistic track that will get listeners smiling.

Like A Fool
Slowing down, “Like A Fool” is a sentimental ballad. This track showcases TWICE vocalists and even some rap. The song adds nice pacing to the EP, as it stands out from the previous tracks. It’s also a great close to the album.

The Story Begins is a well-rounded EP that effortlessly displayed TWICE’s star power. Showcasing their energetic style and each member’s talent, it’s a must-listen for TWICE fans. If you’re new to getting to know the TWICE group, start here!



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