The Incredible Members of TWICE

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The Incredible Members of TWICE

The Incredible Members of TWICE

TWICE is a globally acclaimed K-pop girl group, with plenty of bops and hits. TWICE is comprised of nine amazingly talented members, which originally came together through a reality show hosted by JYP called Sixteen. This show had 16 contestants competing for their spot in a new girl group, TWICE.

TWICE’s debut date was in 2015 with nine members–Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu. Each of these young women has unique talents, personalities, and upbringings that create a mesmerizing blend of abilities.

Nayeon: Nayeon is an incredible vocalist and the oldest member of TWICE. She has a bright personality and a striking stage presence on TWICE tours. She has had some solo work released, including the hit, “POP!”

Jeongyeon: This member of TWICE is known for her style and charisma, bringing a tomboy edge to the group. Individuals at TWICE concerts note what a great vocalist she is.

Momo: Momo is from Japan and is often involved with creating iconic TWICE choreography. She brings something crucial to the group, which makes her an asset!


Sana: Also from Japan, Sana is another incredible dancer, often leading the group with her performance. She is known for her sweet personality and cheerful disposition.


Jihyo: Jihyo is TWICE’s leader. She joined JYP at age 8, and is known for her resilience, dedication, and determination. There’s no better leader for this group than Jihyo!


Mina: Though born in the United States, Mina grew up in Japan. She is often admired for her grace and amazing dance performance.


Dahyun: Dahyun is a stunning rapper and also contributes vocals. Her quirky personality and unique rap make her an absolute star!


Chaeyoung: Chaeyoung is another rapper for TWICE! Her vocals are great too. She is unique in that she is also artistic through drawing and painting.

Tzuyu: The youngest member of TWICE, Tzuyu provides the group with amazing visuals and a unique cultural vantage. She is from Taiwan, helping TWICE span cultures.


Together, these nine women make the powerhouse group TWICE. Sweeping fans away with their talent and loveable personalities, there’s a reason why TWICE is here to stay!





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