Stray Kids’ Debut Masterpiece: Mixtape

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Stray Kids’ Debut Masterpiece: Mixtape

Stray Kids’ Debut Masterpiece: Mixtape

Stray Kids have been a powerhouse for the last few years. “God’s Menu”, “LALALALA”, and “S-Class” have all made waves online. But how familiar are you with their debut album, Mixtape? Released in 2018, the album is a beautiful showcase of this group’s talent and unique sound that can adapt to multiple genres.

The first track, “Hellevator”, is a bold introduction to Stray Kids. It’s cinematic, intense, and addictive. With smooth rap and impressive vocals, it’s easy to see from the very beginning that Stray Kids were going to be around for a while!


“Spread My Wings” is honest and introspective. The song starts with the lyrics, “I didn't wanna seem young so I just kept changing clothes for no reason. I wanted to be an adult so I watched the news for no reason.” The song moves listeners to a place of acceptance. It’s okay to be your age!

“YAYAYA” brings a rebellious rock sound into the album. It’s upbeat and confident, with some memorable rap moments. “BEWARE” also stands out for a similar vibe. Great rap is a resident in both tracks and you can hear some of the signature Stray Kids style.


“GLOW” is a wonderful track to hear each member’s contribution to the group. With a softer sound and slower pace, it allows each member to shine in both their vocals and rap.


“School Life” is a carefree track that truly embodies the youth of Stray Kids. The sound itself is unique on the album but it’s a fun addition! The last track, “4419”, is a heartfelt moment for reflection. The song has the feeling of nostalgia, which is the perfect end to a debut album.

Mixtape stands out as a debut album because it doesn’t completely fit into any box. There’s a variety of genre and sound, showing that Stray Kids define themselves. The album is a mix of authentic and confident, reflective and forward-thinking. It’s no surprise that Stray Kids have made it this far with such a foundational start.







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