Jung Koook’s GOLDEN Album Review

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Jung Koook’s GOLDEN Album Review



BTS’ youngest member, Jung Kook, has released his first solo album, GOLDEN. ARMY has been on their toes waiting to listen to what the golden maknae has whipped up. In this all-English album, Jung Kook breaks free of several molds and proves that he is a force to be reckoned with.

The album opens with “3D (feat. Jack Harlow)”. This track is explicit, so it might not be appropriate for younger fans. The beat is catchy and chill, with a guest rap from Jack Harlow.
“Closer to You (feat. Major Lazer)” showcases some of Jung Kook’s airy vocals. The melody is laid back and easy listening.

“Seven (feat. Latto)” was perhaps the biggest single from this album. With over a billion Spotify listens, “Seven” is melodically interesting and easily gets stuck in your head. It’s another explicit track, but it no doubt made fans curious about what JK would bring to the table in GOLDEN. No fear for those who want to listen to a clean version of “Seven”, Jung Kook included “Seven (feat. Latto) (Clean Version)” on the album!

“Standing Next to You” is the best track on the album for all listeners. With a groovy melody and big opening, it really does show the world the artistry and talent of Jung Kook. With smooth vocals and a fun retro instrumental, it’s a song to easily impress with.

The next track, “Yes or No” continues the retro feel. There’s a genuineness to this song as JK opens up his heart to ask, “Are we falling in love? Say yes or no.”

“Please Don’t Change (feat. DJ Snake” has an EDM feel, which pairs well with JK’s vocals. “Hate You” is a beautiful ballad that displays some of the classic JK vocals that made him the bias of many. It’s powerful yet gentle, with a bare piano that perfectly highlights Jung Kook’s soft side.

The following track, “Somebody”, allows JK to sing about his ex and process emotionally. It has retro vibes and a great bass. “Too Sad to Dance” is a fresh song on GOLDEN. With a guitar as the star instrument, it’s uplifting whilst having sad lyrics. 

“Shot Glass of Tears” is definitely going to be someone's favorite track on this album! This stunning ballad has bold lyrics and a memorable melody. 

GOLDEN is a bold entrance for Jung Kook as a solo artist. This is an album that will likely have individuals who have never heard of BTS listening, too!



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