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ROCK-STAR: Stray Kids Album Review

Stray Kids are known for their powerful hype tracks. Their latest album, ROCK-STAR, did not disappoint. From bold rap to meaningful ballads, this album had everything a Stay could ask for! And of course, they had some trending choreography to go along with several tracks.

“MEGAVERSE” is an intense opening to the album. With heavy bass and plenty of melodic variation, Stray Kids makes a statement. Welcome to their universe, filled with great rap and plenty of bops.

The next track, “LALALALA”, has been popular online for its dance. Stray Kids completed many quick Instagram reels and TikToks with guests to promote the song. And the song is very much worth the hype! 

“BLIND SPOT” is a different pace than the previous songs. It’s light and cheery, with lyrics that talk about working hard for your success. Stray Kids has done nothing short of that, making this track not only feel-good but meaningful.

There’s an interesting title in the following song, “COMFLEX”, which is essentially a track about flexing your confidence. And wow is it catchy! With a tag like that sings, “I’m so flashy, I’m unique” it will have Stay singing along every time!

“Cover Me” is a soft melody that shows some of the best from the vocal line. This ballad proves that Stray Kids are capable of something other than bold, punchy melodies.

“Leave” continues the laid-back feel, as the lyrics are sad but the melody is chill and almost optimistic. The lead acoustic guitar helps keep the pace and carry this mellow song.

The next track dives back into the fast-paced section of the Stray Kids universe. “Social Path (Feat. LiSA)(Korean Ver.)” is an upbeat anthem with retro elements and an electric guitar that makes this track feel like the opening to a fun K-drama. With lyrics about doing your best and taking on the world, it’s an empowering track.

“LALALALA (Rock Ver.)” is just as good, if not better than the original! Check out what rock drums, heavy bass, and electric guitars can do.

Stray Kids just keep getting better and better. You won’t be disappointed by ROCK-STAR!





Welcome to 극락 (락) 날벼락 (락)도시의 락 (락) 즐기면 그만 (락)없지 고난 (락) 역경의 밤 (락)지새우면 끝 고생 끝에 낙 (락)잡생각 고민 okie, dokie안 해 뻘짓 도피도피여긴 벌집 벌투성이피할 수 없음 쏘이고 보자
고막 터뜨려 bang bang 흠뻑 젖은 머리 헤드뱅잉졸라맸던 허리띠 더 꽉 매고 움직여 쉴 새 없게주제넘게란 말 집어치운 채즐김은 위아래 없는 축제행복 지수 측정 불가 Good day lock, lock, unlock
Just feel the rhythm of the world'Cause we will make it rock몸부림치며 roll 냅다 던져버려맞닥뜨려 세상의 소음
La-la-la-la, la, la-la-la-la Just feel the rock (La-la-la-la, la)We let it rock (La-la-la-la)Just feel the luck (La-la-la-la, la)We let it rock (La-la-la-la)노랫가락 락락락미치도록, la-la-la-laLa-la-la-la, la, la-la-la-la
Inhale, 빨리 산소 호흡해 바쁘게 움직여야 해 몸Guitar, bass, drums 또 새까맣게 칠하지 nails도We gon' rock rock, 움직임은 don't stop stop (Go for rock)
Yeah, we tick-tock, boom-chiki-ta여기 mic 위에 shout 다 즐겨라 걍 음악이다걸어 lock근심에 이 노래는 삼머리 풀어 장르부터 즐거울 락 (Oh, yeah)이것저것 빈 무대에 섞어 저기 반응 약해 빨리 변신해 stunnerBet you've never seen a stage like this 번쩍 떠 버리지 눈이 남은 기대들마저 털어
Just feel the rhythm of the world'Cause we will make it rock몸부림치며 roll 냅다던져버려 맞닥뜨려 세상의 소음
가리지 않아So sick어디든 흘러나오는 대로 Move and show it낮이고 밤이고 낙으로 살아가지 oh, 쉿피할 곳 없이 부딪혀 쾅쾅 쳐 대자고정적과 부정적 에너지 타파
La-la-la-la, la, la-la-la-laLa-la-la-la, la, la-la-la-laJust feel the rock (La-la-la-la, la)We let it rock (La-la-la-la)Just feel the luck (La-la-la-la, la)We let it rock (La-la-la-la)노랫가락 락락락미치도록, la-la-la-la
Rock and rollWe dancing 'til we fallNo stoppingHere we goTwenty-four sevenKeep it going onRock and rollWe dancing 'til we fallNo stoppingHere we goNo stoppingHere we goHere we go


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